Monday, January 19, 2009

Reality Checks

Today I did the deliveries for the day old chicks to Cavite/Laguna/Alabang area.

Short on manpower as the volume of chicks increase :) Two drivers were off to North West Luzon. Was that enough? No. Doc Rey was also on a separate trip to that same area for farm visits and to check on the renovation on our Solraya Vigan store.

The South deliveries could have waited. was my opportunity to touch base with our dealers, scout the route the drivers take, compute time and distances to match expenses etc. I had the whole morning to myself too. The store managers of the dealers were surprised I was delivering by myself. Only way to get the feel of the route :)

Tomorrow, I deliver orders from our Organika customers.

Yes, you have to work your way up the ladder. Best exercise is to go up and down that flight of stairs...literally and figuratively. If you drop somethings on the way up or down, you will always find it either way.

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