Monday, January 19, 2009


Over lunch today, my son and I were discussing about our separate trips to Camarines Sur. Us, to do a seminar. Him?

He is leaving on Friday to take the lazy boy bus with his friends, go wakeboarding, then fly back on Sunday. I said never heard of that bus company...lazy boy. Oh well, he said it was an executive bus of a bus company. :) Then he had to explain to me what wakeboarding was. Sounded like a hyped skateboarding to me.

I was texting my DA CamSur contact about where the wakeboarding was etc. He must have thought I was into it and sounded quite surprised.

Now, surfing about wonder he thought I was not me he was texting with! Read about wakeboarding in Camarines Sur.

BJ said you should have balance and be fit. Now I understand why. It will still be interesting for me to visit the place and watch.

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