Monday, January 12, 2009

Strengthening Links

For so many years, almost 10....we'd pass by Ilocos Sur area, to or from Ilocos Norte. Stopping by Vigan to sleep overnight and pass by the Cathedral...maybe the real reason was to eat empanada :)

I had a patron in the church...St. Jude. Out of the blue, Joey Rigor calls me as Gov DV sets an appointment and the rest is history. St. Jude must have found a way to make us visit him weekly!

The spillover sales of the project of Gov DV made some people interested to be dealers...but we didn't think it'll be effective since they were pricing themselves for short time deals. Meaning, they were selling the Sunshines too high.

Our former dealer in Vigan encountered health and eventually financial problems. They thought about having half of their store rented out and they get out of the poultry supply business.

AGP Poultry Supply store location is perfect and we lost no time in closing the deal. Doc Rey was there this morning. Signed, sealed delivered! Right across the market. Shakey's on the left and Mercury Drug on the right. That location will be good for an Organika Vigan too.

Now we have Solraya Vigan!

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