Saturday, January 31, 2009


Ilocano cd,drive going to Ilocos...we were quiet. Doc Rey and Zac would lapse to laughing and commenting on the Ilocano song that I can't understand.

Think fast, do something, create new conversation......maybe that is why the topic drifted to the blog, the seminar that just passed and back to the blog that will be

Zac had always wanted an online presence. He thought it entailed a lot of work, manpower and expense. He said he needed help. Well, what help when he had the skills, experience and the eye for what will sell. Remember, he had been selling/publishing for the longest time. All he needed was a clerk! I told him by that night, before 12midnight, he will have his blog for the start of his sign, the Year of the Ox.

Next day at breakfast, he was talking about Sunshine. I begged off...saying....may he just write about us sometime later? It looks tacky and self serving. He said he will email me the post and I post (shhhhhh) he is intimidated by virus alerts and USB connections.

I get his assistant's email, subject : FR MR SARIAN! Wow, how formal I thought. It dawned on me I never called Zac yet as Mr. Sarian except when to introduce him :) I went a fast cut and post. It won't ACCEPT??! hmmmmm....I wonder if Manila Bulletin has a security feature wehehehheh...

I had to retype....akala ko di ako tatagal! Hard to retype ha. Anyway, that's when it dawned on me he wrote about us.

Very honored...bow....Salamat :)

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