Thursday, November 29, 2007

Print Ad For January 2008 Outing

Preview of our print ads starting January 2008 for Agriculture Magazine of Manila Bulletin.

If you will notice, we have veered away from the "imported" image, that was part of our former ads. No colors in reference to a country. We didn't want to be bought because Sunshines' parents came from halfway around the world.

A lot of grass, fresh air, let loose to forage, freedom from cages, and of course...sunshine!

We want to be known as the product patronized because of the taste and health benefits. Equal to that is our service and customer relation.

Original layout was done by Orange Segment. Picture taken by Joey Lacson of his Sunshines, ranging near Mambukal Resort, for harvest this Christmas season, meant for family and close friends. Sheryl of Manila Bulletin did some bit of editing for the print ad. Thank you.

Page Statistics

About a month ago, I was puttering with sites and came across and Installed the features to this site and became one of the sites I check as soon as I login.

Interesting that you see:

1) how many people are browing your page at the moment
2) details of who visited
3) how many pages they viewed
4) what sites they came from
5) how they got to your site
6) the search words that got them to you
7) popular pages

It was like a game to me viewing those every day.

I did a 30day graph and "whoaaaa"....I was surprised and really happy....the visitors jumped, increasing steadily...and they stayed and read more...PLUS...there are a good number of returning visitors.

Thank you....blogging keeps me sane in between work....and I hope it does to you too. There might be some who really go for "info" :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Soiree Beaujolais 2007

Soirée Beaujolais 2007

Le Club French Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines once again successfully held the grand Soirée Beaujolais 2007 last Tuesday, 20 November at 5:30 pm at the Harbor Garden Tent of the Sofitel Philippine Plaza, CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

More than 1,300 guests met amid verdant gardens and magnificent castles…
Savored excellent French cheeses, cold cuts and other delicacies…
Indulged themselves to the free flowing wine…
Were entertained by the Powerdance, Ms. Verni Varga and Mr. Jay Cayuca…
And danced the night away to the music of The Bloomfields!

The above text was lifted from Le Club news.

It was a night for fun. I was with my closest friends and PR team. I guess all of Manila was there...relatives, friends from school, people you knew from way before. We had so much laughter as it was a time for us to be signed off from work and see real friends. No pretentions when seeing old faces.

Invites said "formal" everyone looked dolled up :)

Wine was flowing....cheese selection was like seeing cartwheels on the table....cold cuts were great.

I forgot to take photos of the feast on the buffet tables. Seeing my friends' smiles will be enough proof of the evening and the Beaujolais.

AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center

We have extended our booth at AANI QC Circle and enclosed the two sides with poultry wire. The hut in the middle was maintained as is so small meetings can be held there.

You can't miss us with our tarps, uniformed personnel, very visible from the seminar area and we are the corner you pass going to the wash rooms :)

Located inside the Quezon Memorial Circle, take the East Ave Gate to enter. You will see it on your left side as you enter. There is a lot of parking. It is also accessible using the pedestrian underpass that connect the Quezon City Hall and the Quezon Memorial Circle.

Doc Rey is normally there Saturdays and Sundays to entertain inquiries.

There are some Sunshines left to range so people can see that they are low maintenance.

Thing is....hard to keep the grass growing in a small area with foragers. With the number of booths around us selling organic vegetables and fruits, it isn't hard to feed them.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We Start With "AGREE SA AGRI"

We start tomorrow, Wed, participating in AGREE SA AGRI a radio program over DZEC 1062 khz.

At the onset, we will simply have ads running, contests to familiarize consumers what Sunshines are all about and later have Doc Rey participate in the education on the air segment of the agricultural program.

If you wake up early you may want to set your tuner, or from overseas, listen thru the internet.

Solraya's Base in Santiago City

See where we are based in Santiago City, Isabela.

Total of 160sqm, we are located along Panganiban cor Alfonso, in the busy market road. Parking is available.

The pictures here are taken after we did our Christmas decor. Shown here is the inner office. That is the airconditoned area where customers are attended to for veterinary consultations and meetings. All veterinary medicines and supplies are displayed here.

Our grooming and confinement area is located beyond the glass enclosured area.

The outer area is where the feeds, grains, pet food and accessories are shown.

Agri Kapihan Nov2007

This was our 2nd attendance at the monthly Agri Kapihan by Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura of DWWW 774.

Very good turnout even though there was the warning about typhoon Mina's entry.

The seminar of chocolate making was interesting. I went forward to listen. From recipe books and food magazines, the content of the seminar wasn't new to me. What got my attention was the speaker. I think her name was Roxanne...she was entertaining and grabbed her audience' attention.

Another seminar was on AirPG stove. No need for your regular LPG.

Aside from the talks given, the people may speak with the roster of experts who are part of Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura family of DWWW 774.

Join us for December 16.

Our Hatch Of Nov23

The first hatches of the island borns were like us, adjusting to schedules, demand etc.

Weekly, we all improved in our assignments. So did they. Increasing number of eggs, quality, fertility and hatchability rate.

Our dealer in Baguio, has her flock of hatch Nov03, weighing in at 500g at 21days.

Now, the Sunshine day old chicks are proud to come out and show off how they are.

They now weighed in at 5kilos (per box of 100) at the airport.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Come and join us for Agri Kapihan.

WHEN: 16 December 2007
WHERE: Courtyard of DWWW 774 khz
23 E Rodriguez near D. Tuazon
Quezon City

Be there for seminars, one-on-one with the experts, good company and raffles from sponsors.

You might be lucky to get some Sunshines.

See how it was like in Agri Kapihan Nov2007

Sun Shines in Rosario, Batangas

Hi Sandy,

I got the 2nd batch of Sunshines Sunday (Nov.18) at FTI-AANI. Arrived there early
at 5:50A - maybe earlier than some of the stall owners. It was drizzling and a bit
chilly that morning. While waiting for your crew, I did some "walking" and
"browsing" inside the market to while away the time. Just a few buyers here and
there. Maybe because of the rain and it was still early, anyway.

The delivery van arrived at around 6:20A, coming from the domestic airport to drop
some orders for airfreight, I was told.

Before I left AANI, I bought some "kakanin"- puto, bibingka, suman, etc. For an
amount equivalent to something like 20 USD, I could feed a barangay already! "Mura
talaga sa AANI weekend market".

I arrived back at Lipa before 8:00A with a stop along the way to check the
Sunshines, had a quick breakfast at my in-law's house then picked up my farm
manager and onward to Rosario, Batangas where this 2nd batch will be reared.

At Rosario, there were three chicks that were acting "groggy" when I transferred
the batch to the brooder. The rest were okay and as soon as they were heated,
already running and jumping. Gave them some feeds in the afternoon when I figured
they were already rested and some drinking water before sunset.

Some of them even took a bath in the waterer! I was worried they would get sick!
But they seemed to be happy doing that! And as soon as they wet themselves they
laid close to the light bulbs to heat and dry up. A tad crazy, I thought...

The following day, on the 19th, the 3 weak ones died. But those that took a bath
were just as sprite as everyone. Well, I could not really pinpoint which ones but
they were all robust and cheerful so I just assumed, you know.

Sending you some photos of this second batch. The first batch I don't have any at
all, I forgot to bring my camera. The first batch is in another location by the
Taal lake in Lipa. Next time I will not forget to bring my camera. Karen did not
take photos last time.

I will order another batch next December when I go home for the Christmas
holidays. Most probably the following Saturday right after Christmas so that I can
pick it up myself. Anyway, I will e-mail confirmation.

Thanks a lot and best regards,

Look At Sunny's Makeover

This is how our Sunny looks like now. We use this mini chick van we called Sunny, for the Metro Manila runs, it holds 20boxes comfortably, 30 boxes when need be. It is everything our regular chick van is: it has a ventilation fan and exhaust.

There were just slight changes made as the back doors didn't show details well, Orange Segment did the necessary work.

Next assignment for a truck wrap is the green Ford Ranger :)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Rare Fruits Nursery

The seminar in 18 November held in Angeles City, Pampanga, was hosted by Rare Fruits Nursery, Solraya's Sunshine Day Old Chicks dealer for the area.

We have met Verns Reyes (agri_center of the PCARRD forums), the owner of Rare Fruits Nursery, on several occasions. We had agreed on a dealership for the area, to be kicked off with a seminar.

Turning to Fil-Am Friendship Hway from MacArthur Hway, seemed like the site was out of the way. But, as soon as we saw the place....we knew "this was it" had the air of Verns - refreshing, straight to the point, innovative, focused.

TJ and Verns has some alliances due to rare fruits, so TJ can't refuse him when asked to come for the seminar.

Not only did TJ do the seminar..he seasoned some chicken pieces with salt and pepper and did "inihaw na sunshine" for the guests. It disappeared FAST. We didn't get to taste it. From the looks of the guests, it was good.

We have good response in that area, basing from inquiries Rare Fruits Nursery is getting for the Sunshines.

Seminars will be scheduled there periodically.

Enjoy the slide and the videos.

Rare Fruits Nursery: Fil-Am Hway, Circumferential Rd, Angeles City, Pampanga. Infront of VC David Car Center

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Agree sa Agri, DZEC 1062 khz

We have accepted to be part of "Agree sa Agri", hosted by Anne Bernardino, Mondays thru Fridays, 4-5am, over DZEC 1062 khz. Phoned in questions will be entertained and referred to Doc Rey.

All programs are now simulcasts on Eagle Broadcasting Corporation's radio stations in Lucena, Dagupan and Davao.

DZEC's coverage: Metro Manila, Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Bataan, Nueva Ecija, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Quezon, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Albay, Catanduanes, Samar, Aklan, Palawan, Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon, Nueva Vizcaya, Pangasinan, Isabela, La Union, other parts of Visayas and Mindanao.

What's great is that DZEC is not only nationwide but also globally because of audio streamlining through their sister company Net 25 TV and worldtvradio site. In fact, listeners from Saudi Arabia, Hongkong, Singapore, London, and elsewhere in the world had already sent their messages and queries about some topics that were discussed within the newly launched agri-business program "AGREE sa AGRI", through sms.

Planning Our 2nd Batch Of Parent Stocks

Our group met tonight and agreed on the timing of our importation of the 2nd batch of Parent Stocks, that will produce the Sunshines.

Tried and tested strain is what we will bring in. The growers who have been ordering from us since April up until mid October have been familiar with the growth rate and the taste of the F1 chicks we had been making available. Consultations with our regular clients reiterated our October decision to go with the genetic company that has a wide customer base world wide for the free range chicken industry.

For the visitors during Agrilink 2007, the world's largest choice in colored breeders, announced their comeback in the Philippine market and now in alliance with us.

In April, we went with another genetic company because at that time our preferred supplier had unfinished business with the former client. There were no other choices.

Now in October, we are both free to do business with each other. Some things are better delayed. You see a larger picture when you step back and study.

Tried and tested strain from the genetic company that is the leader in the free range chicken industry

Please bear with us during the transition period. We all know it will be worth it. We have seen and tasted the end product.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


To simplify and shorten the links found on the this blog, I decided to delete that long list of photos and rather have a featured slideshow of growers, events etc. These albums will always be updated.

It will take time before I am able to upload pics in organized albums.

Please bear with me. Meatime, you can search thru archives for interesting pics.

Also, if you click on the slideshow, it will open up a new window for my Picasa albums, that are currently being worked on.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Friday Hatch

Starting this week, we have moved our hatching day to Fridays. A lot of requests wanted to pick up the Sunshine day old chicks on a Saturday, that is why the move. Sunshines sent by air will now be received on Saturday mornings as well.

Very soon, we will have two hatching schedules in a week. One to serve the air cargo and the South, and the other hatching day to serve the North orders.

That way:

1) Our drivers who are trained to transport day old chicks will not be too tired
2) Loadings/harvests for growers are not all at the same time and can be properly scheduled
3) The eggs don't sit in the egg room for more than three (3) days
4) We are able to visit growers in different areas more leisurely
5) Our Saturdays and Sundays are more open to seminar schedules

A Sunny Gets His Daily Dose Of Worms

Pol Rubia of AANI got from our very first batch of Sunshines. That was soon followed by two to three more purchases.

His son Raymond, once bought a batch because his farm dog overplayed with some of the Sunshine chicks.

Raymond and I would have small talk about the growing chicks...about how he gives them worms daily. He tried photographing. Laughingly saying he can't, because by the time he clicks, the Sunshine has walked away having eaten the worm already.

Some two weeks in a row now, he purchases Sunshines, after he sells his organic vegetables in his booth at AANI. By now, he has developed a relationship with our chickens :) When we aren't around to explain the Sunshines at AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center, he does the talking and is open to accept bookings for orders.

I remember him saying to me recently that he finally got THREE photos. Glad I saw his first postings at the PCARRD forum, which led me to seeing a Sunny get his daily dose.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Camera Dock

Its one thing when you have the camera, but forget to take pics due to excitement, busy eating and engaging conversation.

Frustrating when you have documented a seminar, bbq chicken, fruit nursery, truck wrap....and you can't upload it because you always kept your camera dock at your work corner :) now 10hrs away.

I will keep my postings about yesterday's seminar, save it so I can show you with colors.

They finished one side of Sunny's truck wrapping. Nice! It turned out more vibrant on final printing, compared to photos the artist and I exchanged via emails.

Tomorrow will be hectic and we are looking forward to a girls' nightout at the Beaujolais.

Don't worry...will take pictures of the Philippine setting of the wine festival that all of France celebrates.

TJ's New Range

TJ emailed me this photos showing his new ranging area.

Basing from his pictures from day1 of his load of 23 Sunshines...he has steadily improved his community of rangers.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Relaxing Saturday

My assignment today was AANI FTI:) We are right across a fruit stand that sells native Durian, so I like being assigned there. We are next to the annex entrance so parking is just a hop away.

Midday saw me checking on the hatch.

I sneaked out to finalize artwork for the truck wrap as they were printing today and installing Monday. Small world! I saw Stephane of Le Club. We were using the same printers, Orange Segment. He was there for the Beaujolais 2007 printing. I am going to the Beaujolais with my groupmates from High School...looking forward to having a fun with good old friends :)

Found extra time to get a heavy duty juicer. Did those in 2hrs flat..then went back to hatchery.

Meeting going on now outside as I am posting. But, I'd rather leave that talks amongst the vets.

Looking forward to tomorrow's seminar in Angeles City, Monday's truck wrapping, and Tuesday's Beaujolais!

Almost Final Artwork

I hope to make a minor revision to this and final work will be started later today.

Watch when "Sunny" (that is what we call our small chickvan for Metro runs) rolls out next week sporting new wraps :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sandy's Roasted Sunshine Chicken ( Idea from Gigi Gonzales)

This is my favorite. You set it to cook while you relax with a book, cup of tea, disuss the day...while the aroma of herbs and chicken invite you to good dinner...I thank Gigi for this recipe. Aside from designing my house and making this roast, she also taught me a super sarap Halayang Ube

• 1 whole SUNSHINE chicken
• 1 head garlic, crushed herbs
• 1/8 C olive oil, more if you please
• 1T rock salt, depending on your taste
• Freshly ground black peppercorns
• Fresh herbs, to your liking. I prefer Rosemary, Basil, Tarragon, whatever tickles your nose and taste buds at the moment
Mix the marinade in a bowl and rub this all over the chicken. Marinate the chicken for a minimum of 2 hours, best if longer. Rub and turn chicken from time to time. When you are ready to roast it, stuff the marinade under the chicken's skin and inside the cavity.

I want to cook this slow. Set the whole chicken in the turbo broiler at 300degrees, upside down. After 45mins, invert the chicken, to make it sit. Roast for another 45mins. Increase to 350 degrees for the last 10mins to make it golden brown. Total cooking time will depend on weight of Sunshine Chicken, 1 hour per kilo. While cooking, the roast will emit a wonderful aroma. Serve immediately. I want to stay away from the fat, but you may want to use the drippings as sauce. Best with fresh green salad or buttered vegetables.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Perfect Sunshine Filled Monday in Baguio

Day started at 4:30am from Manila to visit a grower in Baguio. When they found out we were going, they wanted us to bring another batch of chicks. I said "let's see 1week old first".

Had my large Capuccino at leisure while on the road.

Got to the Rosario junction to Kennon at 10am, too early to have lunch so went up to Baguio. Enjoying the relaxing trip while coordinating with my "truck wrap" makers, answering calls from the forwarding Manila landline :)

Met with our grower in Solibao Restaurant in Burnham Park. Am glad I discovered this place. Never been there, but they say it is like an institution landmark in the area. Great noodles and I had to have two orders for myself of the Puto Bumbong :)

The delivery of their 2200 day old chicks was done Nov 3 late evening, Sunday dawn, that was the time when typhoon Kabayan was going to cross Northern Luzon! Saturdays find me toxic that I didn't hear of any typhoon until the two chick vans were off to deliveries late Saturday pm and we had time to listen to news on TV.

I checked with them Monday about how Kabayan was and she replied the winds were super strong but it passed Baguio already. I wondered why no mention of the Sunshines. Well...always..."no news is good news".

We really planned to go up to visit that grower as we never met. Transactions were by phone and we want to make sure everyone succeeds in the raising. They practiced with some 500 chicks before and were able to dispose.

Going back to we were discussing about the typhoon, strong winds, how they sleep with the chicks during the brooding time. The grower was a veterinarian. So we were not too scared with the Sunshines in her hands :) Then off we went 6km from the City to visit the 1week old chicks.

You go up and up roads, less winding but more UP, thinking the vehicles in this area must really by well maintained as you feel like getting ready for a rollercoaster ride! We were not prepared for this:

The property was like in the highest peak! The boundaries are the cliffs. Everythings else you see around was like lower than you. We can just imagine the winds here during storms. How they were during Kabayan...We were excitedly scared walking towards the building, not knowing how they are in that temperature.

I didn't change to boots anymore and they just provided stepping stones as the area was still a little muddy...

SURPRISE! You see cute 2000+ chicks, healthy, vaccinated at day3, being brooded kinda too carefully as it was VERY WARM inside that building. We had to ask them to raise the curtains as we ourselves weren't comfortable already :) I left pretty much of the discussions amongst the vets, while I was taking pictures and enjoying the cool breeze outside.

By 2:30pm we were saying goodbyes after making initial talks about cementing our Baguio connections.

We had to stop by my favorite spot in the Rosario junction....S.O.U.L. Cafe, for my green tea latte :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Truck Wrap

We are presently working to "wrap" our chick vans.

When they deliver and they can't find you, surely you will spot them.

They will make the Sunshine Mobiles standout, cute utilitarians.

Friday, November 09, 2007


Yesterday I get a call for day old chicks.

After sometime, I realized he was going to feed the Sunshines to his dogs, as he was following the BARF diet.

He was finding that when he fed his dogs raw industrial chickens, they develop skin problems.

After going through the blog and speaking over the phone, I believe he was convinced that the Sunshines will be good for human consumption TOO :)

I Can't Attend The Seminar, Can I Speak With You?

We are reachable by phone, email, YM.

On Saturdays and Sunday, we are at AANI FTI Weekend Market and AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center. We are able to speak up close with you and tackle your concerns about raising.

The AANI people are also equipped to assist you in your queries and are able to accept bookings directly.

Every 4th Sunday of the month, we are at the Agri Kapihan.

If you can't attend seminars because of distance, form a group of interested people. Let's talk. We might be able to do the seminar at your convenience.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sunshines in Mambukal

I got this email last night from jovilac:

Hello Sandy,

Here are pictures of the shines when they were 2 weeks old confined in a brooder
pen. And the succeeding pix were taken earlier this morning on range. Aged 1 month
and 5 days. I feel sad about the 7 shines that were killed by a wildcat from the day
we started letting them out on range. It was not a one time attack, the wildcat
would prey on one or two shines and be back after 2 or 3 days. It would be
impossible for my caretaker to guard them the whole day. So i'm looking for a way to
trap the elusive varmint before another shine falls victim. I enjoy seeing the
shines running around the range area.

Best regards

They really look happy where they are. Should be making family's and close friends' dinner tables in December.

I asked him the difference of the gamefowls and the Sunshines on the range:
Gamefowls are more active on range. They run around and roost on trees. Thats why
varmints have a little hard time preying on them, except for the weaklings that are
easier to catch. The shines are a little bit sluggish, and loves to rest under the
shade after feeding. They become perfect targets for wildcats. Each night, my
caretaker would gather them and place them on a safety brooder cage to keep them
safe from varmints.

Monday, November 05, 2007

FREE SEMINAR 18 November 2007

WHAT: FREE SEMINAR on Raising Sunshine Chicken
WHERE: Rare Fruits Nursery
Fil-Am Friendship Hiway, Circumferential Rd.
Angeles City, Pampanga
(Infront of VM David Car Center)
TIME: 10am

You may contact Vern Reyes (0917) 511-1009 for details

Everyone is welcome to join.

Good opportunity to gain confidence in hearing that your simple, back to basic ideas are doable. The rare fruit trees in the nursery will be interesting too.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

How To Order?

This merits to be part of FAQ.

Go through the "PRICES and AVAILABILITY" on the left side of the blog.

For pick up of products in any of our outlets, there is NO MINIMUM purchase and no need to prepay. You can pay when you pick up your Sunshines.

For orders that we can deliver on our normal routes, we can do COD transactions.

Orders that require air cargo space, we suggest you book with us one (1) week in advance so we can assure cargo space on 1st flights.

We will require minimum of one (1) box of 100 day old chicks for orders to be shipped by air and prepaid transactions. Additional cost for handling and freight will depend on number of boxes ordered.

Payments may be sent to our BPI account.

Fruit Festival at AANI

There is an ongoing Fruit Festival at AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center.

People have been visiting the area as the fruits are below market prices and fresh as supplies are replenished often.

The crowd drawer are the Durians at php80/kilo.

Agri Kapihan 25 November 2007

WHEN: 25 November 2007, 8-11am, but people start coming in earlier.
WHERE: Courtyard of DWWW 774 (AM radio), 23 E Rodriguez near corner D. Tuazon, QC

Everyone is invited. No entrance fee. Coffee is free, seminars are free. Booths are tended by people who can answer your questions.

See you there.

PS While on your way to Agri Kapihan, listen to Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura, or KSA for short.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Short Weekend for Me

Supposed to be a long weekend for all...I look at it as a short weekend.

Weekend starts Fridays when we get prepared for the AANI market booths, hatchery on Saturdays and Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura for Sunday mornings.

Holiday or not, that is the schedule. I was just asked a minute ago "so you don't rest?".... I replied "Oh, I enjoy what I am doing"!

We are now planning to start schedules on hatching 2x a week, to be able to serve the needs of various growers.

See you at the market tomorrow :)

Friday, November 02, 2007

Still a Holiday

The past days have seen the PCARRD FORUM down. Am sure that like me, there are hundreds out there addicted to this message board. Let's hope they solve any new problems they have in electricity or hardwares.

My luxury in life are "long nails" :) For those who've met me, make-up, colognes, clothes etc aren't what makes me tick. My nails and desserts wake me up BIGTIME.

Last couple of weeks had been hectic. Thank you for a holiday and that gives me time to do my nails at CANS before the most enjoyable busy weekends again.

Is there a place where we can clone ourselves? Sunday finds us choosing amongst important TO DOs.

I will just think of problems on shortage in manpower tomorrow :)