Monday, November 26, 2007

Sun Shines in Rosario, Batangas

Hi Sandy,

I got the 2nd batch of Sunshines Sunday (Nov.18) at FTI-AANI. Arrived there early
at 5:50A - maybe earlier than some of the stall owners. It was drizzling and a bit
chilly that morning. While waiting for your crew, I did some "walking" and
"browsing" inside the market to while away the time. Just a few buyers here and
there. Maybe because of the rain and it was still early, anyway.

The delivery van arrived at around 6:20A, coming from the domestic airport to drop
some orders for airfreight, I was told.

Before I left AANI, I bought some "kakanin"- puto, bibingka, suman, etc. For an
amount equivalent to something like 20 USD, I could feed a barangay already! "Mura
talaga sa AANI weekend market".

I arrived back at Lipa before 8:00A with a stop along the way to check the
Sunshines, had a quick breakfast at my in-law's house then picked up my farm
manager and onward to Rosario, Batangas where this 2nd batch will be reared.

At Rosario, there were three chicks that were acting "groggy" when I transferred
the batch to the brooder. The rest were okay and as soon as they were heated,
already running and jumping. Gave them some feeds in the afternoon when I figured
they were already rested and some drinking water before sunset.

Some of them even took a bath in the waterer! I was worried they would get sick!
But they seemed to be happy doing that! And as soon as they wet themselves they
laid close to the light bulbs to heat and dry up. A tad crazy, I thought...

The following day, on the 19th, the 3 weak ones died. But those that took a bath
were just as sprite as everyone. Well, I could not really pinpoint which ones but
they were all robust and cheerful so I just assumed, you know.

Sending you some photos of this second batch. The first batch I don't have any at
all, I forgot to bring my camera. The first batch is in another location by the
Taal lake in Lipa. Next time I will not forget to bring my camera. Karen did not
take photos last time.

I will order another batch next December when I go home for the Christmas
holidays. Most probably the following Saturday right after Christmas so that I can
pick it up myself. Anyway, I will e-mail confirmation.

Thanks a lot and best regards,

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