Thursday, November 29, 2007

Print Ad For January 2008 Outing

Preview of our print ads starting January 2008 for Agriculture Magazine of Manila Bulletin.

If you will notice, we have veered away from the "imported" image, that was part of our former ads. No colors in reference to a country. We didn't want to be bought because Sunshines' parents came from halfway around the world.

A lot of grass, fresh air, let loose to forage, freedom from cages, and of course...sunshine!

We want to be known as the product patronized because of the taste and health benefits. Equal to that is our service and customer relation.

Original layout was done by Orange Segment. Picture taken by Joey Lacson of his Sunshines, ranging near Mambukal Resort, for harvest this Christmas season, meant for family and close friends. Sheryl of Manila Bulletin did some bit of editing for the print ad. Thank you.

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