Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Friday Hatch

Starting this week, we have moved our hatching day to Fridays. A lot of requests wanted to pick up the Sunshine day old chicks on a Saturday, that is why the move. Sunshines sent by air will now be received on Saturday mornings as well.

Very soon, we will have two hatching schedules in a week. One to serve the air cargo and the South, and the other hatching day to serve the North orders.

That way:

1) Our drivers who are trained to transport day old chicks will not be too tired
2) Loadings/harvests for growers are not all at the same time and can be properly scheduled
3) The eggs don't sit in the egg room for more than three (3) days
4) We are able to visit growers in different areas more leisurely
5) Our Saturdays and Sundays are more open to seminar schedules

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