Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Sunny Gets His Daily Dose Of Worms

Pol Rubia of AANI got from our very first batch of Sunshines. That was soon followed by two to three more purchases.

His son Raymond, once bought a batch because his farm dog overplayed with some of the Sunshine chicks.

Raymond and I would have small talk about the growing chicks...about how he gives them worms daily. He tried photographing. Laughingly saying he can't, because by the time he clicks, the Sunshine has walked away having eaten the worm already.

Some two weeks in a row now, he purchases Sunshines, after he sells his organic vegetables in his booth at AANI. By now, he has developed a relationship with our chickens :) When we aren't around to explain the Sunshines at AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center, he does the talking and is open to accept bookings for orders.

I remember him saying to me recently that he finally got THREE photos. Glad I saw his first postings at the PCARRD forum, which led me to seeing a Sunny get his daily dose.

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