Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Perfect Sunshine Filled Monday in Baguio

Day started at 4:30am from Manila to visit a grower in Baguio. When they found out we were going, they wanted us to bring another batch of chicks. I said "let's see 1week old first".

Had my large Capuccino at leisure while on the road.

Got to the Rosario junction to Kennon at 10am, too early to have lunch so went up to Baguio. Enjoying the relaxing trip while coordinating with my "truck wrap" makers, answering calls from the forwarding Manila landline :)

Met with our grower in Solibao Restaurant in Burnham Park. Am glad I discovered this place. Never been there, but they say it is like an institution landmark in the area. Great noodles and I had to have two orders for myself of the Puto Bumbong :)

The delivery of their 2200 day old chicks was done Nov 3 late evening, Sunday dawn, that was the time when typhoon Kabayan was going to cross Northern Luzon! Saturdays find me toxic that I didn't hear of any typhoon until the two chick vans were off to deliveries late Saturday pm and we had time to listen to news on TV.

I checked with them Monday about how Kabayan was and she replied the winds were super strong but it passed Baguio already. I wondered why no mention of the Sunshines. Well...always..."no news is good news".

We really planned to go up to visit that grower as we never met. Transactions were by phone and we want to make sure everyone succeeds in the raising. They practiced with some 500 chicks before and were able to dispose.

Going back to lunch....so we were discussing about the typhoon, strong winds, how they sleep with the chicks during the brooding time. The grower was a veterinarian. So we were not too scared with the Sunshines in her hands :) Then off we went 6km from the City to visit the 1week old chicks.

You go up and up roads, less winding but more UP, thinking the vehicles in this area must really by well maintained as you feel like getting ready for a rollercoaster ride! We were not prepared for this:

The property was like in the highest peak! The boundaries are the cliffs. Everythings else you see around was like lower than you. We can just imagine the winds here during storms. How they were during Kabayan...We were excitedly scared walking towards the building, not knowing how they are in that temperature.

I didn't change to boots anymore and they just provided stepping stones as the area was still a little muddy...

SURPRISE! You see cute 2000+ chicks, healthy, vaccinated at day3, being brooded kinda too carefully as it was VERY WARM inside that building. We had to ask them to raise the curtains as we ourselves weren't comfortable already :) I left pretty much of the discussions amongst the vets, while I was taking pictures and enjoying the cool breeze outside.

By 2:30pm we were saying goodbyes after making initial talks about cementing our Baguio connections.

We had to stop by my favorite spot in the Rosario junction....S.O.U.L. Cafe, for my green tea latte :)

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