Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sunshines in Mambukal

I got this email last night from jovilac:

Hello Sandy,

Here are pictures of the shines when they were 2 weeks old confined in a brooder
pen. And the succeeding pix were taken earlier this morning on range. Aged 1 month
and 5 days. I feel sad about the 7 shines that were killed by a wildcat from the day
we started letting them out on range. It was not a one time attack, the wildcat
would prey on one or two shines and be back after 2 or 3 days. It would be
impossible for my caretaker to guard them the whole day. So i'm looking for a way to
trap the elusive varmint before another shine falls victim. I enjoy seeing the
shines running around the range area.

Best regards

They really look happy where they are. Should be making family's and close friends' dinner tables in December.

I asked him the difference of the gamefowls and the Sunshines on the range:
Gamefowls are more active on range. They run around and roost on trees. Thats why
varmints have a little hard time preying on them, except for the weaklings that are
easier to catch. The shines are a little bit sluggish, and loves to rest under the
shade after feeding. They become perfect targets for wildcats. Each night, my
caretaker would gather them and place them on a safety brooder cage to keep them
safe from varmints.

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