Saturday, November 17, 2007

Relaxing Saturday

My assignment today was AANI FTI:) We are right across a fruit stand that sells native Durian, so I like being assigned there. We are next to the annex entrance so parking is just a hop away.

Midday saw me checking on the hatch.

I sneaked out to finalize artwork for the truck wrap as they were printing today and installing Monday. Small world! I saw Stephane of Le Club. We were using the same printers, Orange Segment. He was there for the Beaujolais 2007 printing. I am going to the Beaujolais with my groupmates from High School...looking forward to having a fun with good old friends :)

Found extra time to get a heavy duty juicer. Did those in 2hrs flat..then went back to hatchery.

Meeting going on now outside as I am posting. But, I'd rather leave that talks amongst the vets.

Looking forward to tomorrow's seminar in Angeles City, Monday's truck wrapping, and Tuesday's Beaujolais!

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