Monday, October 01, 2007

Sushines in Bacolod's jovilac

You've been feeling under the sheets since yesterday. Million of errands today and dinner tonight. One of your veterinarians for the Agrilink team calls to say she is also down with the flu. Surely that won't make the day off!

Thanks to internet, you can work in bed surrounded by your Tuseran, Kleenex, bottles of juice, Durian...

Moment I saw email from jovilac, it had to be the FIRST:

I'm happy to receive them in good condition. The first seven pix was taken at my
house when i checked them, just minutes upon arrival at bacolod airport. They were
chirping aloud for feeds. The last two pix was taken at the farm, each 25 chicks
have their own brooder cage as seen in the pix. Maybe i'll keep them there for a
week then get them down the brooder ground which is compose of riversand. Then range
them off to my pasture area when they reach 21 days as advised. The weather up my
farm was real bad today. Strong winds was blowing from morning till late afternoon
when i left. Some parts of my range area were damaged by trees being uprooted by
loose soil and furious winds. Hope they survive the extremities.

Best regards

Saw why? :)

They were checked from all angles and even made to do quarter turns for Jovilac's Unico Sunshine Circle.


  1. i have a small backyard, i only need 10 chicks to grow, please let me know how can i obtain 10 chicks, thanks - patis guzman , iloilo

  2. Pls email me at

    I will refer you to the dealer serving your area.


    i am also thinking of sending some to my folks back in bohol..
    how do i go about it?
    if there is no dealer there..maybe they can do it for the whole bohol island.


  4. I did reply to your email.

    We can send to your folks by air.

    Send me your folk's profile in Bohol and how they plan to distribute the Sunshines.

    Were they thinking of distributing the day old chicks or the dressed chickens?