Thursday, November 22, 2007

Planning Our 2nd Batch Of Parent Stocks

Our group met tonight and agreed on the timing of our importation of the 2nd batch of Parent Stocks, that will produce the Sunshines.

Tried and tested strain is what we will bring in. The growers who have been ordering from us since April up until mid October have been familiar with the growth rate and the taste of the F1 chicks we had been making available. Consultations with our regular clients reiterated our October decision to go with the genetic company that has a wide customer base world wide for the free range chicken industry.

For the visitors during Agrilink 2007, the world's largest choice in colored breeders, announced their comeback in the Philippine market and now in alliance with us.

In April, we went with another genetic company because at that time our preferred supplier had unfinished business with the former client. There were no other choices.

Now in October, we are both free to do business with each other. Some things are better delayed. You see a larger picture when you step back and study.

Tried and tested strain from the genetic company that is the leader in the free range chicken industry

Please bear with us during the transition period. We all know it will be worth it. We have seen and tasted the end product.

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