Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Solraya's Base in Santiago City

See where we are based in Santiago City, Isabela.

Total of 160sqm, we are located along Panganiban cor Alfonso, in the busy market road. Parking is available.

The pictures here are taken after we did our Christmas decor. Shown here is the inner office. That is the airconditoned area where customers are attended to for veterinary consultations and meetings. All veterinary medicines and supplies are displayed here.

Our grooming and confinement area is located beyond the glass enclosured area.

The outer area is where the feeds, grains, pet food and accessories are shown.

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  1. completo ba kayo sa poultry feeds?

    like chick booster
    chick starter
    chick grower
    laying mash 1
    laying mash 2