Thursday, November 29, 2007

Page Statistics

About a month ago, I was puttering with sites and came across and Installed the features to this site and became one of the sites I check as soon as I login.

Interesting that you see:

1) how many people are browing your page at the moment
2) details of who visited
3) how many pages they viewed
4) what sites they came from
5) how they got to your site
6) the search words that got them to you
7) popular pages

It was like a game to me viewing those every day.

I did a 30day graph and "whoaaaa"....I was surprised and really happy....the visitors jumped, increasing steadily...and they stayed and read more...PLUS...there are a good number of returning visitors.

Thank you....blogging keeps me sane in between work....and I hope it does to you too. There might be some who really go for "info" :)

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