Saturday, November 17, 2007

Almost Final Artwork

I hope to make a minor revision to this and final work will be started later today.

Watch when "Sunny" (that is what we call our small chickvan for Metro runs) rolls out next week sporting new wraps :)


  1. Hi to all of you guys out there,
    Im JR Pachica, Im from Valenzuela City. im planning to have a small farm in tanauan batangas, but im still working on it. when my dad introduce the sunshine chinken i tought this is very technical and hard to rise, however when i started searching in the internet and reading some comments and blog. it will push my interest to have it.
    Sir, if you have any advice for those who want to raise sunshine chicken, It will be great help for those beginner like me, Thank you and More power.

  2. Coincidence that this question comes up after I am done writing an article for a magazine.

    Excerpts of w/c :)....

    1) Love your Sunshines
    2) Spend time w/ them
    3) Have patience
    4) Be willing to unlearn and reinvent yourself