Wednesday, November 28, 2007

AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center

We have extended our booth at AANI QC Circle and enclosed the two sides with poultry wire. The hut in the middle was maintained as is so small meetings can be held there.

You can't miss us with our tarps, uniformed personnel, very visible from the seminar area and we are the corner you pass going to the wash rooms :)

Located inside the Quezon Memorial Circle, take the East Ave Gate to enter. You will see it on your left side as you enter. There is a lot of parking. It is also accessible using the pedestrian underpass that connect the Quezon City Hall and the Quezon Memorial Circle.

Doc Rey is normally there Saturdays and Sundays to entertain inquiries.

There are some Sunshines left to range so people can see that they are low maintenance.

Thing is....hard to keep the grass growing in a small area with foragers. With the number of booths around us selling organic vegetables and fruits, it isn't hard to feed them.

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