Saturday, May 02, 2009

Socializing Is Important

Farm visits by your veterinarian are most important. If not possible, send pictures often. In a previous post, we agreed that photos do talk and tell the story of the rearing of the Sunshines. At the very least, keep in touch at least once a week.

In the photos above, w/c were agreed to be amended already by the owner, several factors have to be changed.

1) Multi batch separated by a net only. Should be at least 15meters apart.

2) The shelter has no beddings. Have some rice hull there to keep the dry, especially in this weather.

3) The land is big. Give the Sunshines the space it needs, for ranging, 1sq meter per bird. Notice how bald the ranging area is? The caretaker said 4days, it went bald already. Its not that they are overly is because they are in small area, so you think they eat fast.

4) Very few feeders

Overall, good....given that biosecurity and space requirements aren't met.

Hopfully when we go vistit again...we are now utilizing and playing with the large property and use the shaded and grassy areas :)

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