Sunday, May 24, 2009

Simply Good

That was early lunch today, just before the monthly seminar, today being the 4th Sunday.

There was nothing special to celebrate :) Doc Rey wanted to get dressed weight and cooking shrinkage...weehehehhe, that's the reason why we did this great roast.

Don't ask me now the results of that assignment was to instruct to season with salt and pepper and ask that lemongrass (tanglad) be placed in the cavity, before charbroiling.

We asked that this be cooked in a lechonmanokan near us. That I took 30mins to cook this 1k Sunshine. We had two (2) whole chickens cooked and left one for them to try.

They are used to selling white chickens and were excited to taste the Sunshines....which they described as having an "international taste"!

I will take that the adjective meant it tasted GREAT and different from what they are used to. Besides, there was no mind boggling marinades used nor perfunctory sawsawans...not even pickles. Surely, their manoks were fat and plump....but these lean Sunshines were taste packed.

Timing that a supplier we work a lot with, showed us his fruit stand in a good traffic area. He wants to do take out inasal. He is a true blood Visayan, and knows his bisaya manok inasal.

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