Saturday, May 30, 2009

Common Sense

Yesterday, during opening of 2nd Pinoy Organic Festival, one of the speakers was Jacqueline Alleje.

I was manning my booth, but it was just about 3 booths away from the seminar area, so my selective attention gets caught by Jacqui.

She is one person that can make you look up from what you are doing. Fresh, crisp, perky, dressed well....much like a good salad. She is Swiss by nationality, but embraced being a Filipino. Don't attempt to talk behind her back wehehehehhe...she may have baluktot Pilipino...but understands everything :)

On talking about organic farming, she went something like..."the farmer has doable scenarios and projects...and consumers have acceptable standards. When those two meet, then there is a deal".

Much later after the talk, I congratulated her for liking her speech. She asked in awe "Did you listen"? I have ears...didnt need to be seated there. She was amazed that I quoted her verbatim....led to her joining us for an enjoyable brunch.

Her muffins, my batchoy, and Doc Rey's fried fish. True to persona...she was eating healthy.

Yes, you can still seat together even if eat different things. Its the character that is the bottomline in groups.

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