Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunballs: Yema

Pressure to have my stocks of liver pate....I brought some packs of Sunshine liver to Elena. Timing, I haven't had lunch, so it was opportunity to sit down for chitchat. Puttanesca, Chocolate Sin...and I saw yema balls.

Those egg yolks rolled into balls is one of my all time favorites! Haven't had a real good one in a long time. Most I've had tasted pastey....more like mashed potatoes. Elena said, it might be it, as an extender.

I tried her yema balls....3 pls :) She said is can get addicting! YES, I agree!!!!! This will look, taste and be healthier....if Sunshine eggs, from our grass fed hens, were used.

Costing...pencil pushing.... OK, I will try. A new commission for my pina-MANNA line. Heavenly balls..yema...I might just call them Sunballs :)

I am excited to see Lori Baltazar...such a sweet tooth! She might love this too.

Another business idea for you.

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