Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Philippine Free Range Chicken

Been very busy that we didn't notice our 2nd year passed by :)

Some people have commented that in such a short time, we had made a name for Sunshine Chicken in the Philippine free range chicken industry. Competitors have even been telling some of our friends that they have no need to pay for advertising....they just ride on our work! How they ride on us, is pretty obvious :)

Advertising, marketing all stems from hard work. And that is really where we credit the branding that Sunshine Chicken is now.

What may point to hard work?

1) You have to change automobile tires every year
2) There is a vehicle in maintenance check up mode in car dealers' service centers all the time
3) There is a need for a 3rd vehicle for your use as one is always on maintenance or coding...and vehicles have to rest too
4) You forget what day of the week it is
5) Need like 24 you don't get home to wash clothes
6) Two sets of luggage as one is unpacked and the other is on standby
7) Faces and names get harder and harder to match together
8) Plane tickets are like booklet passes
9) Phone bills that run to +++
10) When you phone a hotel, the frontdesk knows what room to give you :)

I can go on and on...but what's best after all that?

1) Everyone knows you can be fun as you instantly are not alone in a room full of people
2) Plane, bus and car rides are best times to catch on sleep
3) Camaraderie formed with others on the road are nice to look forward to. Friends have been made because of Sunshine!
4) Work on consumer awareness to eating healthy food has gained a lot of mileage since we started
5) We get average of 600+ pages read on this blog DAILY....visitors are about 150 average DAILY
6) Marketing is my main work....and it allows me to be on the internet :)

Because we enjoy what we are doing, I will not really call it hard work...but more like focused and honest deeds.

Let us help you, so we can all grow together.

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