Sunday, May 03, 2009

Out Of The Ordinary

The weather is not our usual.

Doc Rey is absent for Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura. Normally, he would be do his Vet ng Bayan segment by phonepatch, but he was in an area that had bad Globe signal.

There was no farm visit and I was with Jojie Lim..I decided to be un-uniformed and donned my cute tennis dress.

Instead of Doc Rey, I did my small talk on the unusual weather and what we have to do to make sure the Sunshines are ok...

1) Beddings - they are meant to keep the ranging Sunshines dry and warm. So keep it clean and make sure they have beddings.

2) Curtains - Don't keep out the cold, as you keep out the fresh air they need. You may have a wind breaker, meaning, have the curtains (with air flow below and outlet above) about atleast 1ft from the housing walls.

3) Make sure they get their dose of herbs for prevention and to give them their armor in this weather. Chop up garlic, chilis, oregano - and put it in their drinking water. Be careful when working on the herbs as they can get potent and have a burning sensation :( The potion will keep the Sunshines warm and healthier.

4) Keep you flock report and advise us weekly, so we may monitor and be alerted for potential problems.

5) Build the housing on an elevated, flood free area.

Logic and common sense plays a lot when you give care and attention to something.


  1. to add:
    keep fpj-oregano on hand and OHN garlic ginger. (please look at sunshine egroup file for the recipe) it will keep your flock from getting cold. i suggest farmers to keep rice straw on hand. chopped it about 7 cm and put it as a "coach" at about 4 inches thick. sick chick will stay there and will be kept warm. rice straw are materials that we wasted and ignore we have lot's of them and it's free. you only need extra muscles to gather it. always have it ready. rice straw also absorb nitrogen from feces. less fowl smell, less flies too.