Tuesday, May 12, 2009


What can make me turn around? Yesterday, we were headed to Isabela for a quick trip and touch base, before the IFEX event over the weekend. It was a leisurely trip, with me on the wheel. Lunch, dessert of the biggest Blizzard at DQ etc etc etc. Somewhere about San Rafael, Doc Rey gets a call from CITEM and asking if we can guest that afternoon (uhuh, too late) and the next morning at Mornings@ANC.

He passes the phone to me and YES, I will go back :) I like that show and will want to meet the hosts up close and personal...wehehehe....means, watch from the bleachers!

I needed a cooked dish. No cook, but still asked a store staff to dry rub some chickens and stuff with lemongrass. Sounds easy huh? By 11pm, it was ready for charbroiling. I was excited to taste it. After I asked it to be chopped....I noticed this plant like stuff hiding among the chopped pieces. Hmmmmm...can't be tanglad or lemongrass. Looks more like celery to me...and the chicken was far too peppery...ewwwwwww!

Relax....I remembered I had some tubs of pate left in the freezer :)

By 6:30am, I was at my AANI Circle booth getting some dressed chickens for the table setting. Aside from me, there was a couple at the AANI area reading through the other booths' tarpaulins. The moment I entered my booth, they came in and looks like very happy that there was someone to ask about Sunshines. The chat extended to a pleasant one and may translate to day old chicks flying out of Manila :)

Soon after, I went to ABS-CBN. I am always early for appointments, as #1 I am so poor in parking so I scout the place, #2 I like to be early wehehehehhe. Because of that, I got the parking right under the canopy, by the entrance.

Got off and scouted the place...it was near for me to carry my stuff. Good, because I didn't think about bringing the dependable kareton.

Geez...everyone who was guesting in DZMM, Channel 2, Channel 23, ANC...I saw them all. Who drove them, where they got off, what were they wearing when they arrived and the clothes they were carrying to change to.

8:00am came and I walked into Studio 6. The guests for the IFEX promo fixed their own tables. I was the only one doing it solo...but its ok. Don't touch my chicken...because that's only for the camera. I cautioned everyone that it was peppery. The asst floor director and another PA said that the hosts liked their food hot ahahhahahha.

Ok...so fixed up now.

Soon after, the hosts were digging into the liver pate, even before the show started....the very savior. It was most easiest to munch on, w/o destroying the look, as pates are meant to be dug into. So it still looked good through the camera's eyes. I had to replenish the crackers several times!

Got good reviews about my liver pate. Actually not mine...this is a pina-MANNA. Commissioned Elena of Manna Specialty Bakery to do it for me, together with the Gizzard Adobo.

Pressured to have more....decided to go by Elena's store.

You should make your own and sell them. I suggest, don't cut corners and make a good one. The market who will seek for it, demands a good one.

As the hosts of Mornings@ANC said....it was really awesome. Mind you, those comments were made on and off camera :)

As we were tidying up the set, CITEM promo staff asked us to guest again for a Friday morning show in another channel. But, that is already the start of IFEX! Let's see how we will shuffle ourselves.

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