Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Healthy Patty

Chatting with my healthy farming buddy and he gave an idea to make chicken patties. Of course, much like my processed longanizas, these patties should have no preservatives and will just be seasoned using herbs.

Instead of ground, it may be better to have it finely chopped, to get more bite and flavor.

Rolled into balls or formed as patties...healthy and tasty alternative.

Attention Rene...this should be a product that may come out from Patty's Farm :)


  1. @ renepams, I saw Marilou R. at Rockwell during Mother's Day....a few minutes later, saw naman sila Nong and Chachi.

    When can we go visit Gen San?

  2. i have to go there again yet from Oman trip. wait lang pls.

  3. @renepams....ok we go to Western Visyas first. Excited na kami for GenSan