Friday, May 01, 2009

Buhay Pa, Timplado Na

That should be in quotation

"Buhay pa, timplado na"
Still alive, when seasoned
Why in quotation marks? It was coined by Jojie Lim and she is scared it might be snatched again from her wehehehhehehe.

What does she refer to?

WRONG, not just the Sunshines.

YES, to the pork and chickens that are raised eating grasses, herbs, veggies in all their fresh glory and having their food mixed with fermented veggie and fruit juices.

Since their subsistence consists of the herbs etc, they are seasoned to taste even prior to slaughtering.

Not just a tagline there...but truth and reality!

So Mam Jojie, this is like a registration to Intellectual Property Rights for you. Nice one!


  1. Is sunshine chicken available in Manila? If so where and how much?If somebody can help me out on this, I would appreciate it.Please e mail me at aag111@yahoo,com.And by the way, buhay pa timplado na does make sense.


  2. @ art, yes, on the left side of this blog you will find list of outlets.

    OO nga, maganda ang "line" coined by Jojie Lim