Friday, May 29, 2009

DTI International

I can't pass this day without making mention of Department of Trade International (DTI International).

During IFEX that just passed, a DTI representative had approached us several times for the Japanese market. Next day, she brought the Japanese party to us, complete with an interpreter. Short, noisy meeting it was. The questions were not really about our company nor how our growers raise the chicken.....looking back, maybe more like "go see" the prospect :)

Several days ago, I got a call again from the same DTI representative, requesting for a meeting with the Japanese group, with DTI personnel.

DTI office for me always had that image where you apply for permits.....I told you before, my mind is micro mini :)

I was instructed to go to DTI International at 1:30pm today. Going there, the DTI rep was instructing me how to find the building. Where do I park? Oh...she already had reserved parking for me.

Got there exactly at 1:30pm as I got lost....good I had allowance for Makati one ways. She was there to greet me at the door. I got there exactly the same time as a the Japanese party...good I was on time!

We were led to a conference room, with other Food rep. Snacks were served. I tell you, the Department of Trade does take care of supplier and clients. The venue and snacks, most specially their presence, in my opinion, is a great confidence and take away doubts for both sides.

You think it started at IFEX? Nope, it all started at DTI office in Tokyo. The IFEX was just great timing.

Government does work....we just have to work out our parts too :)

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