Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Casual Uniforms

With all the travelling that we do, the barong polo jacks we use for uniforms look very good, crisp and clean.

BUT hard to be carrying around garment bags when we fly.

Good I found this company that does 100% cotton knits. Cool as it absorbs moisture, and you can't be so crumpled looking....as you have to "gusot" it, to actually give back its body, after you sort of get it deformed.

Doc Rey has polo jacks, and regular polo shirts. I have my so comfy tennis dresses (read a previous post) and polo jacks too.

Now you can call us for airplane trips in a minute's notice. I have prepared and packed carry ons....with our NEW uniforms, they are possible :)

Thank you to Emy of Nook Ltd's patience with me....see them at the 2nd Organic Pinoy Festival at AANI FTI Weekend Market, May 29-31.

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