Friday, May 08, 2009

Brooder Hut

By 8am, we were crossing a small brook to get to this piece of property in Laguna.

Doesn't the brooder look inviting? Am sure the Sunshines were excited to be let free in there :) The brooder even had a sort of ante room.

Look at them...excited....they were literally jumping to freedom :)

The only thing that was ready when we got there were the three (3) lights. They laid the newspapers when we got there. We guided them in mixing brown sugar with the first drink. Instructed them on placing stones in the drinkers....It was actually good, as we were able to video the preparation of the drinkers...a new input for our presentations :)

When the Sunshines were set free, they were sort of in an OJT. Observed how they all gathered under the three (3) existing bulbs...they knew that they had to add bulbs to keep them warm.


  1. hope you have more videos of farms and their designs of the cages

  2. @ tybuzzzz, we do have a lot of videos...problem is I am having difficulty uploading here at blogger :(

    Have you checked our photo links?

    Maybe you can attend a seminar?