Monday, May 11, 2009

Down Feathers

Often asked if Sunshines will survive the rainy season when being free ranged already.


How? Why?

There are 3 types of feathers.

1) Contour - The ones that you first notice. The feathers that show you the colors? See how they sort of have a combed look when it gets wet? The water just seems to slide.

2) Flight - Allows them to fly :) Notice also how they open their wings when they feel allow air to their skin.

3) Down - Those fine, short feathers. If the Sunshines already make the water just slide through their contour feathers, the down feathers make sure they are kept warm.

Have you tried shampooing gamefowls? Even if you submerge them already in a pail of water with, you find that they are still dry inside and you have to really toss and tumble their feathers.

Another good example is when you slaughter and defeather chickens. You have to dip the chcken in boiling water to be able to defeather them. You will find that you really have to mess up the feathers to get the skin wet.

So YES, they will do fine even if they get wet....Just make sure they have a roof over their heads and dry beddings, so they may run for cover when they want to. Also, getting wet is different from soaking wet.

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