Thursday, April 10, 2008

Successive Brooding

We have a client now who loads weekly. First 2weeks of consecutive orders were not ringing bells. But a 3rd order in 3weeks calls for careful notes to him.

Much like the multi ranging area, discussed in a previous post, caution should be practiced.

Now you know about brooding single batches.

If you must load weekly:

1) Have the brooders apart. Not situated close to each other. Room or building apart. You don't want a contaminated batch to be close to clean ones. Also, remember that you will be introducing vaccines to each group, and the younger batches should not be in contact with those.
2) Most ideal is to have a caretaker/caretakers for each batch of brooding till harvest time.
3) If you will load continously, make available minimum of six (6) brooders, so you may be able to rest each brooder for at least three (3) weeks before next usage. You have to break the cycle of bacteria.
4) Same for the waterers and feeders. Allow several batches so they are able to rest.
5) After use, when Sunshine Chicks are ready to range, disinfect brooders and let sit under the glorious heat of the sun :)

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