Monday, April 07, 2008

Radyo Ng Bayan Guests SASSO

General Manager of SASSO, Louis Perrault arrived 2 hrs delayed, April6...just in time to make the radio interview at Radyo ng Bayan by 2pm.

He mentioned how SASSO acknowledges the fact that is was the former importer (Bobby Inocencio of Teresa Farms) who put the name of SASSO in the map of the Philippines. But due to refocusing and later developments, a new alliance had been formed between SASSO and Solraya...thus Sunshine Chicken was born.

Again, SASSO is not a breed. It is the name of a genetic company in France, now on its 30th year. Solraya brought in Parent Stocks to produce F1 free ranged grass fed chicks, we branded as Sunshine.

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