Monday, April 14, 2008

Mom Asks

> 1. Can i cook the Sunshines the same way as a regular chicken? Can it be
> baked, fried, etc? Or do you recommend a boiling and inihaw only? How does
> the meat compare to a regular chicken? You have mentioned that it's
> tastier, but is it more tough?
> 2. One thing putting me off from buying the chicken is its appearance when
> dressed. Based on the pictures I've seen, the live chickens look so much
> better and healthier than the "regular chickens" I've seen in traditional
> chicken farms BUT, the dressed chickens look worse! How should a Sunshine
> look when dressed well? Can different dressing procedures affect the
> appearance of the chicken?
> Thanks again!

Got the above by email. I thought it will be nice to share with other moms...

Yes the Sunshines can be cooked like the regular white commercial chickens. Sure, it can be baked and fried. I say my favorites were the boiling, tinola and inihaw - simply because they are easy to do and ordinary ingredients - plus no strong seasonings to masque the great flavor of the Sunshines.

Whatever recipe...they key is low fire, slow cooking.

The other day I was amazed to hear that some kids just think of chickens as square, round, heart shaped nuggets that are dipped into sauces :( Time to educate the kids and moms.

True, very much tastier. Firm but not tough. As my grower from Camiguin said.. "its not gummy" hindi daw parang chewing gum.

Dressed chickens are dressed chickens :) How will the Sunshines differ from the white commercial broilers? They have yellow skin, they don't look as plump as the whites, but may weigh heavier.

Most Sunshine growers dress manually. Just like handcrafted work, perfection will not have a high grade here :) I will say you may be right in saying the commercial dressed chickens may look better. Whether you get a torn skin, neglected folicle....your eyes and nose will tell you clean chicken.

This post made me prepare my reliable turbo Sunshine, stuffed w/ fresh lemongrass from my garden.

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