Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rising Temperatures

Everyone had been complaining about the heat!

Are your Sunshines talking? Are you observant enough? I know most growers are, as they notice their sad chicks, lack of appetite, panting, colds.....

Sounds familiar? What you feel is how your Sunshines feel too. If you feel hot and can't breathe, so do they.

What can we do to relieve ourselves...oh the Sunshines also:

1) Drink a lot of water. Make sure your Sunshines also get a lot of fresh, cool water, replenished several times a day.
2) Wet their feeds. Make sure though that they are able to consume, as that will spoil fast.
3) Open doors, pen curtains. If possible, install electric fans and exhaust fans.
4) Mist the pens. Those misters for poultry building can be used also in ranging areas. They are not expensive and easy to install in ordinary PVC pipes. Over the week, I saw these outdoor air coolers with misters. It was so nice to stand beside them :)
5) You see how some people hose down with water their surroundings, cemented areas and roofs? Your Sunshines will appreciate those!

Again...observe, and feel for them. That will be your best moves in this heat.

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