Saturday, April 19, 2008

Am So Excited For Cebu

Been up since 4:30am, for a radio guesting of Doc Rey with Doc Raffy Barrozo at 5am.

Logistics haven't been mapped out yet so I did deliveries for Southern Luzon this morning.

10:11am now and grabbed my Green Tea Latte while checking on emails.

Have to go now to AANI Herbal Garden for 2nd day of 1st WOW Organic Festival.

Tomorrow am excited to fly to Cebu:

1) Visit our 3 regular growers who we will meet for the first time.
2) See a longtime great friend who is at present based in Dumaguete, he goes to Cebu for dinner
3) See another good friend
4) Try the different establishments that serve the Sunshines raised by the Cebu growers
5) Meet up with Pacifica Agrivet, one of dealers

Am sure to be able to write a lot about this Cebu trip.

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