Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Next Trip Scheduled...CEBU

First in our advertising before was Solraya and Sunshine. 2nd step was educating people on how to raise them. 3rd was making known to all the benefits of eating Sunshines...the health and taste benefits!

Most recently we have embarked on making our growers known. When they become bywords, it'll be easier for them to market their Sunshines and themselves.

First was Farmer Tj of Krukukuk Farm and Maawi Farms. Their stories had been featured in different magazines.

Next we fly to Cebu. We currently have three (3) regular growers there who we intend to visit. All three have several ranges so we can see growth of different stages, visit their client restaurants and delis, sample their recipes..perfect time for everyone to meet.

Interview for our new nationwide dealer, based in Cebu, is also on the agenda. When we market our growers, so do we make our dealers in the area known.

We will do a seminar while in Cebu for those interested. We are keeping April 20, 5-7pm, available for those interested to know more about Raising Sunshine Chickens.

We will be staying in the area of Marina Mall. If interested to join, text me at (0917) 847-2639, so I can let you know exact details of seminar.

Our Pampanga/Tarlac growers.... you aren't being neglected. We are just waiting for the proper timings to jive stories with trade shows.


  1. Hi, you may use to post your upcoming events in Cebu and invite interested people.

  2. Thank you Harvey for reminder. I did forget about that site.