Wednesday, April 23, 2008

KK's Hainanese Chicken Rice

Zac, Doc Rey and I were supposed to have a small dinner with two of my close friends at Abaca Boutique Hotel to try Chef Jason Hyatt's creations from Sunshines of Earthlink Farm.

Hec of Asian called to invite everyone for dinner while we were at Hec's St. Mary's Farm...I suggested at KK since they were serving Sunshines from St. Mary's.

After last minute calls, we all had dinner at KK, located at the IT Center. They are opening a larger outlet soon.

We met Mr and Mrs Lo. When St. Mary's brought them samples, they were overjoyed to finally find the chickens they had been used to back in Malaysia.

They served us good tasting plain chicken soup...Chicken Rice, rice cooked in chicken stock...Hainanese Chicken that came with ribbons of gizzard (cute actually)... we almost left the other viands untouched. They thought there was something wrong with the others, but there was just too much for us to consume. Well... reheated food does taste excellent for breakfasts.

I am glad we had our 1st year anniversary with good company, great friends, a lot of Sunshine for dinner, in Cebu.

Sad I didn't take a group photo.

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