Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Pueblo Por La Playa

Spending the night in Quezon was not really on our agenda. We always brought an overnight tote, for the unexpecteds.

When the question of going to Pagbilao came up for dinner and a possible didn't really fit into our tummies. We were food full already, stories up high, new natural farming techniques up in our sleeves. Besides, I always exhaust ALL reasons to go home to my bathroom :)

Well, maybe dinner..then we can go home. We met Congressman Alcala at the bagsakan center and he had to go to a graduation but would follow for dinner.

So off we drove to the unknown place in Pagbilao, Quezon called Pueble Por La Playa.

As we were approaching and parked our car....

Dinner was served, but maybe we were too full and tired...our tastebuds were also sleepy. By 8pm we thought our dinner date won't show up. By that time though, we were determined to relax and enjoy :)

By 6:30am, and Congressman Alcala was there. He toured us around, starting with showing off the infinity pool from the best vantage point, the top of the waterfalls. The shower rooms for the men is just on the right, and he showed us the view from the men's urinals :) Perfect huh?! A spa will be built around that same area to have that view too.

Then we hopped around the greenhouses that produces the organic vegetables and fruits for the hotel.

Breakfast was great. This time we were tired after all the walking. We had freshly baked bread, dip of farm produced herbs and olive oil, steamed prawns, organic vegetable salad. You forget when in nirvana :) We washed it all down with freshly made tea from tarragon leaves from the garden.

Can Sunshines be far behind after all these?

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