Monday, April 21, 2008

One Year Today

I just realized...we started selling our Sunshine Chicks exactly one (1) year ago, April 21 2007.

That was a swift 360days! From the time we had to explain who we are, what we are selling, how to market.....

We have now replenished our Parent Stocks, having imported our 2nd batch. 3rd batch now being timetabled for a much earlier importation, larger quantity and not waiting for the 6th month before replenishment.

We no longer have to explain who we are, nor what we are selling. Marketing is never ending...but we have taken it to a different level now from a year ago.

Sunshine regular growers are seeing that our thrust is educating consumers about the health and taste benefits of eating Sunshines, marketing the growers in the industry and to end users, and making them co-exist with one another.

The hand holding we get from the growers is most important to our growth. In turn, we assist by making them visible.

Glad that we are here in Cebu for the impromptu celebration. The visit to the Cebu growers calls for separate postings as they are interesting stand alone topics. Zac Sarian of Manila Bulletin was with us, so hopefully the growers get feature stories :)

Thank you for the support.


  1. Hello, can you help me hiw to get in touch with sir Zac Sarian of Manila Bulletin. I'm presently abroad and thinking of finding more of agro-prospects on Pinas.
    Thanks and all the best.

  2. ...HOW can I get in touch with sir Zac Sarian, thanks

  3. You can send him an email thru us at

    I will print it and give him hardcopy.

    Or you may call Manila Bulletin and ask to speak with him.

    Good luck!