Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's Up For Next Week?

1st WOW Organic Festival, April 18-20, AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center inside the Quezon Memorial Circle (use East Ave gate)

You can't miss us. We will be by the entrance (if you were entering through the gate by the Quezon Monument). Raymond Rubia of Daily Dose Farm will be with us, showing off his organically grown vegetables and herbs. AANI will offer fresh dressed Sunshines. You must have forgotten how fresh real chicken taste? :)

Your nose will lead you to us, as AANI will offer inihaw everyday and Chef Bert of Lipa Culinary Arts will do a cooking demonstration for Sunshine Chicken and produce of Daily Dose on Friday, April 18.

Our regular booth is nearby, so there will be chicks available and ready to slaughter.

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