Friday, December 28, 2007

2007 Is Going Fast! May We Pause?

Most people I speak with always say that they want the year to end pronto, to be able to have a fresh start already.

I think to myself....
So many things to do yet...can we lengthen 2007?

The jumpiness of 2007 was a welcome surprise. We were and are so busy that we wish 2007 won't end yet. But, deadlines don't have to be met all the time. You win some, lose some...there will always be a next day to do things :)

Work and play was a hairline difference. Just yesterday, on the trip to Manila, there was an unexpected and unplanned purchase of a toy......well we'll see how my feng shui goes....btw 2008 is my year :)

As they say....


  1. a farmer's job is never done, the old english saying goes.

    happy new YOU year, sandy

  2. And the farmer needs a lot of patience...

    Happy New Year to you too.