Sunday, December 02, 2007

Day2 Was Play

I have a lot of pictures taken the past days....but as usual, I didn't expect to be staying over in Manila beyond Sunday so my reason again is "no camera dock".

No pictures = blabs :)

I wasn't working booths today so it was "no uniform day" for me. Have forgotten how it was not to sport my linen polo jacks (w/c are so comfortable).

Very early for my 9:30 appointment w/ my Sunshine breeding partners. When they found out I was 1hr early, they had to rush to take showers and run to Seattle's Best. I always had my Globe Visibility on the road and never got to use a Wiz Spot. Good I was alone, got the chance to try it. It was a so easy pala. No more wondering how to connect at a Wiz Spot.

The meeting was light, more like touching base and making sure our breeder, accountant and marketing were all doing assignments. Stamped approval in person, for next importation of Parent Stocks. Really ideal setup we have.

Had a 2pm appointment, so killed time at Market! Market! Got Christmas and Bossanova CDs :)

Can't wait to post my pics: 1) of a batch we are brooding for dispersal in Batangas 2) a raffle winner of a contest we do over Agree sa Agri.

If you wake up early on weekdays, you might want to listen to DZEC 1062khz at 4-5am on Friday, 07Dec. Sunshine Chicken will be featured and Doc Rey will be interviewed.

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