Monday, December 31, 2007

YM This Morning

My YM this morning. He bought Sunshines from St. Mary's Farm in Cebu.

Bernard Neil Tanchan: ive tasted sunshine chickens already...cooked 2 ways... both very delicious
solraya: did you cook it?
solraya: how did it compare to bisaya manok?
Bernard Neil Tanchan: same with bisaya manok but meatier and the meat is tender
Bernard Neil Tanchan: one is estopadong manok...have you heard of that?"
Bernard Neil Tanchan: and the other one is tinola
solraya: yes, pero i feel sayang the taste for estopado as the soy can masque the taste
solraya: sarap tinola
solraya: so slow cooking low fire?
Bernard Neil Tanchan: but it was very delicious...yes slow cooking
solraya: do u turbo chicken? rub with rosemary herbs...and turbo
Bernard Neil Tanchan: sometimes we do
solraya: i'm glad visayans know what it is to eat good chicken..luzon people only know whites
solraya: can i post this conversation? it will show your name ha
Bernard Neil Tanchan: maybe coz we are still provincianos hehe
Bernard Neil Tanchan: old people now that native is better than white chickens
solraya: yes but you are young...most people your age here think manok is jollibee
Bernard Neil Tanchan: maybe because my father let us eat bisaya manok every sunday...


  1. Ano po ba age ng Sunshine masarap katayin?

  2. @ crislipa, 80days pataas. Pero kami personally, mas masarap ang mga 120.