Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Agree Sa Agri For Year 2007

We are privileged to be on today's Agree sa Agri. Last for the year 2007, it was a 2hr radio spot today, as Anne Bernardino will not be on board tomorrow at 4am.

Time constraints, a phone patch was done to have Doc Rey be her guest this morning. He talked about the importance of vaccinating your Sunshines and other animals as preventive measures.

Aside from schedules, he taught How To vaccinate your chicks.

Text in queries poured. That is what we want. No doubts should be left in your mind, so we can all help one another. There will be no guarantees to fail proof raising of animals....but trying to eliminate the steps that have proven wrong before, will be a big help to lessen the tuition we have to charge to experience.

Doc Rey will become more involved with Agree as Agri, not only for the Sunshines, but for your animal know how in general.

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