Monday, December 31, 2007

How Do You Disinfect Feeders & Waterers?

Biosecurity is important. Just like in our lives, we have to focus on what we want around us and nurture what is of importance.

31 December, gave us time to inspect our surroundings and relate it to our lives in retrospect.

We are brooding a batch for a client and moved them outdoors. Time also to upgrade to auto feeders for them. What is shown is an automatic feeder. You fill that with feeds and they are dispensed to the basin at the bottom. We hang them and adjust according to height of chicks, so they can't scratch them.

This is how we disinfect feeders, waterers, shoes, boots, brooders, screens, walls, driveways etc. We find the power washer effective as it gets to the nooks and cranny.... simple terms, mga sulok sulok :)

I find it easy also that you have a big drum or pail, with water and chlorox, much like how you keep a pail to catch the dirty diapers of a baby. Dump everything there until you find the time to wash them. Then dry them under the sun.

Periodic disinfection need not be expensive. We use chlorox and let it sit under the sun. Best and free disinfectant is solar power!


  1. Hi! Mayroon po ba kayong tinda na ganitong feeders? Magkano po? Kuha sana ako ng 200 pieces. Thank you.

  2. @trebor yes, that is what you call automatic feeders. Comes in 5kgs or 7kgs. Email

  3. Hi! What if the rain suddenly poured down to the washed feeders, waterers, etc. Do you need to disinfect it again? Thanks!

  4. Are there any other disinfectants I could use other than chlorox? Is there also an organic disinfectant with the same effect that of chlorox? Thanks!