Monday, December 10, 2007

Maawi Organic Vegetable & Chicken Farm

When the idea of going to Alaminos, Pangasinan was brought up at 6am...I said "YES"!

This is where half of my roots are from.

We left AANI QC Circle at 9am. Got to Sausalito for lunch a little after 1pm. Those two pictures were taken from the food place.

Jocelyn and David did well with the farms. The chicken farm is separate from the organic vegetables, so biosecurity is better.

There are five poultry houses. Good we went there as from initial photos sent, I thought the buildings were elevated. Nope, they were built on the ground, so no expense for flooring. The side doors open straight to range areas and kept open for the chickens to go in and out during the day.

There was a time they decided to experiment and got some chickens from another supplier. Mortality was high and they were not as resistant to diseases as the Sunshines.

We were brought to the vegetable farm also. I took so many photos, but I don't know how my digital could have gotten them over exposed. Good the video came out well.

No pesticides used here.

They have always aimed to create a niche in the 2.5kilos and over, chickens. Keeping standards to harvesting at 85-90days minimum. Slowly they are getting their footprints in the market.

The eggs from her uncaged Sunshines are being taken by a French patisserie with several branches in Manila. A couple of hotels have called them back after they submitted samples, a large chain is making an initial order.

Jocelyn and David are enjoying doing the rounds selling their chickens and vegetables that they are proud of.

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