Sunday, December 30, 2007


We get requests to visit our breeder farm. Sorry, but for biosecurity reason, we do now allow visitors. It will be to your utmost interest, our clients, that we are able to maintain our breeders in top health. Even amongst us partners, we refrain from doing so, as we have one assigned to breeding anyway, while others are assigned to finance and marketing.

That is the main reason why we maintain our booths at AANI FTI, AANI Herbal Garden and Livelihood Center and our demo on urban farming at the rooftop of our Fairview outlet.

You will see us there and able to get one on one pointers in raising our Sunshine Chickens.

Periodically, we have our free seminars. If you want seminars in your area, coordinate with your local DA, Municipal officers etc and advise them that we may be contacted for FREE SEMINARS in your area.

Recent dispersals have been in CAR, Bicol and Batangas.

Let's work hand in hand with government to give us all, Sunshines on our tables and to help us in livelihood.

We didn't decide to call it Sunshine for nothing. Sunshine gives us freshness and doesn't cost a lot to raise Sunshines... let's not forget the health benefits and of course the taste. Lasang native!

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