Friday, December 14, 2007

Dispersal at 1am

Sounds like a news item :)

Just got to Manila after an 8hr drive. Had to be around for the loading of a dispersal for 3000 Sunshines at 6am, South of Metro Manila.

Looks like the longest day of 2007 for me. Started with this dispersal, 3 meetings today, hatch this afternoon, preparing deliveries for tonight...not counting the surprise events....exciting huh?! I love Fridays.

Do you believe that it is a "small world"? The other day made me think not just about a small world but more like
If you go to where you want to be, do the things that you like to do and seek what makes you will eventually get back that circle of friends, places, events and things back. As they are the same to people who likes the same things as you do.

I got a call at 7am, apparently overseas. I was feeling under the weather that day and decided to go to work an hour later. Inquiry was about Sunshines...from Toronto. That call led our talk to like 30yrs ago, when we both got to Toronto....same bowling places, common gossip people, my eventual co-workers were his neighbors. We worked in immigration on other sides of the fence. Because we were discussing about poultry, he eventually mentioned a nephew, based in SFO, who was into gamefowls...I thought about "someone". Next day I asked what the name of that nephew was....yan ang telepathy was the person I thought of :)

This is what you do at past 1am, waiting for loading of blab, blog or whatever you call it.

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  1. Sandy,

    Sometime's we have to disconnect to reconnect and discover in the process that the link to the path was just temporarily broken.

    I know deep in your heart rests the ultimate goal to reach out and share with others what you got.

    And NO LESS this was manifest by you enduring the 8-hour long drive to Manila, then attend to meetings, run some errands, catch some sleep, then up again doing some more of the things you love to do --- being there to reach out.

    May you be blessed a thousand fold and more. Little do people you helped out know that you do all these things because you love to inspire others to succeed -- without expectation of huge reward.

    All the best this holiday season and in the coming new year. Ramil was delighted to hear that we've "re-connected".