Saturday, December 01, 2007

1st Day Of The Month

We are more relaxed when we moved hatchings to Fridays. That means, the invoicing and preparation are done late Friday while the Sunshines are being transported from hatchery to our base in Manila. Drivers are off to destinations and airport all at one time and pick up of growers and dealers are set for Friday night.

We get to have a comfortable sleep and wake up well for our separate AANI assignments. Rested again for the Sunday, early Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura of DWWW 774.

Today as usual, saw me at AANI FTI. It could have been a regular day for me, except that I had a very interesting talk with a group of three men who bought 10 chicks, 2weeks ago.

As you will gather eventually after knowing me more, numbers is not an issue to me. I get more passionate on a 10chick sale from an interested group rather than a sale of 3000 from a disinterested party.

They were so eager to learn and discuss "what ifs and what may bes". Our conversation went from politics to religion (AANI FTI is neighbor to the Maharlika Village of the Muslim Community) and led to Halal Chicken.

That scenario about starting with 10chicks, brooding them like babies, practicing before going on a bigger scale made me remember Farmer TJ's beginnings :)

Yes, that is the way to go. Start with a comfortable number and learn from the small mistakes.

Gave me another reason to credit Sunshine talk for the educating morning I had.

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